My Nordstrom Experience

I recently visited my local Nordstrom store. My visit had a singular purpose- I needed to replace my Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer gel liner. It’s a beautiful chocolate brown with subtle shades of gold and my go-to liner for everyday use.

A visiting Bobbi Brown make-up artist got the product for me and asked Megan Dugan, a Nordstrom associate at the Nars counter, to check me out. Megan asked if I was familiar with Nars. My experience began...

For the next hour, Megan introduced me to products in the Nars line as she shared her personal make-up tips and tricks and some of her favorite products. Megan is a beautiful young woman with a warm engaging personality. Her passion for her craft is evident and it’s infectious. I didn’t feel pressured to buy things that I really didn’t want or need. I felt as if I was on a relaxing fun adventure in makeup.

I left the store with my face beat to perfection, a Nordstrom bag that contained Nars shadows, eyeliners, a gorgeous nude Nars lipgloss, samples of Nars tinted moisturizer, an Estee Lauder mascara and a Clarissonic. I love my products and don’t regret a single purchase. I had a wonderful experience.

Weeks later, I learned that Megan has been promoted to the position of Beauty Stylist at Nordstrom. She no longer represents a specific line. Her role is to listen to customers and help them find products that suit their needs without bias. It’s the perfect position for Megan. Nordstrom has always been miles ahead of other retailers in delivering high-level customer service. Nordstrom understands that customer service simply means going a step beyond delivering a product or service and delivering an experience.

Our goal is to provide an experience when you visit our site. We’ve taken great care to make it interesting and informative. We provide a detailed description of each piece of jewelry, our blog supplies relevant information on a variety of topics and we post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to give you ideas for wearing our jewelry. We hope that you’ll leave with a jewelry purchase, having had a wonderful experience and we don’t want you to regret a single purchase!

To make an appointment with Megan Dugan contact her at:

Nordstrom | Saint Louis Galleria
1453 St. Louis Galleria
St. Louis MO 63117


Seasons Change But Fierceness Will Always Endure

Seasons change and fashion trends come and go. The simple design of our gemstone bracelets and the intrinsic beauty of the gemstones used in our designs, give them a timeless quality that is never out of style. Our bracelets are beautiful worn alone, layered or mixed with other bracelet styles to add a touch of elegance or edginess, reflecting your personality and sense of style. The possibilities are limitless.

Fall is my favorite season. I love watching the leaves dance in the wind as their colors change from green to shades of gold, orange, and crimson. I love the smell of crackling fires, soups simmering on the stove and something yummy baking in the oven. As I wrap myself in my favorite sweater and enjoy the cool crisp air, my thoughts turn to fall fashion.

Top trends for Fall/Winter 2012 include classic red on lips, handbags, and jewelry. Denim moves beyond casual Fridays with tailoring and feminine silhouettes. Animal prints, beautiful and enduring, make an appearance this season and is often paired with white. Fur, leather and embellished textures are a major part of the Fall/Winter collections. Chunky chains and embellished collars reappear with a look that can be slightly retro, feminine, edgy or a combination of these styles. Boots also make a major impact. They are shown in a variety of styles, heel heights, colors and textures - all of them fabulous. Bracelets dominate this season’s accessories. Stretch bracelets gain popularity as top designers like David Yurman, Majorica and Michael Kors recognize the beauty and popularity of this simple design and make them a part of their collections.


Work That

When I was a young girl, I always shopped with friends. Shopping always took a long time because we never ventured far away from each other. We were so insecure, we didn’t trust our own instincts and personal taste and we constantly needed each other’s approval. 

I’ve grown up and grown more comfortable with myself. I still shop with friends occasionally, but only to enjoy their company - not because I need their approval. 

Although I love fashion and staying abreast of current trends, I don’t let fashion dictate my personal style. Not all styles are flattering, no matter how fashionable. I’ve taken the time to find styles that work for me, fit my budget, my personal aesthetic and make me feel fierce! 

I love First Lady Michelle Obama’s confidence and personal style. As First Lady, she has access to the world’s top designers. She could easily wear designer clothes exclusively. Instead she infuses everything she wears with her own sense of style. It doesn’t matter if she’s in J. Crew jeans or haute couture, she exudes elegance and confidence.

In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself."

You are beautiful. Accept yourself. Work what you’ve got.